Let’s Talk… Taiwan Functional Textile

Did you know that Taiwan accounts for 70% of the world’s output for functional fabrics?

While big brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and North Face are building their brands and conquering market shares via marketing and branding efforts, Taiwanese manufacturers are laying the groundworks for them, every step of the way. From yarns to fabrics, dyeing phases to production processes. Through its vertically-integrated manufacturing environment, Taiwanese textile manufacturers can offer brands the economics of scale, and advanced R&D capabilities and facilities. 

Taiwan has been a major player in the global textile industry, especially in the sportswear category. In the last World Cup, out of the 32 participating countries, 16 worn jerseys made of fabrics that came out of Taiwan, contracted by brands like Nike and Adidas. And Taiwan understands this niche it has in functional fabric, where the quality not only meets that of the brands, but also the professional athletes.

Outside of the professional arenas, as active-wear gains popularity through activities in the gym, yoga and cross-fit workouts, many have turned to performance apparels as a natural choice of daily fashion, where lightweight and wicking is no longer an exclusivity of the professionals. With this boom in trend, Taiwan was able to secure 70% of the fast-growing global market for functional fabric, and is also the sixth largest textile exporter globally.

In 2018, “Taiwan’s textile exports went up by 2%, reaching US$5.1 billion. In which,  fabrics accounted for 66%, yarn at 17%, fiber at 8%, apparels at 5% and 4% for miscellaneous items” according to the article ‘Taiwan’s Functional Fabrics are a Winner’ from AmCham Taipei – Taiwan Business TOPICS.

So the next time when you’re shopping for your next yoga pants, or a running top, check out the labels. And even if it doesn’t say its made in Taiwan, the fabric itself may very well be.

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